The Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct focused on a brand new update, Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo, that went live today. The new update is a rather hefty update of new content that promises to bring players back and give extra content for new players.

So, let’s summarize what the new update exactly brings. As the expansion’s title suggests, the most significant update is Amiibo compatibility. Even without Amiibo content, the game boasts a number of new features.


    • The Campground: Stop by your town again, and you’ll notice Harvey’s campground. Here, you can meet animals that you invite using your Amiibo figurines or cards. They’ll be in the RVs- there’s an RV reserved for special characters like Tom Nook and Lottie, and another for regular neighbors. You’ll also be able to use a new currency, MEOW Coupons, to buy furniture not originally included in the base game.


    • Wisp: Wisp, the cute little ghost you’ll recognize from previous Animal Crossing titles, returns. Now, he allows players to scan Amiibo characters, and invite them over to Harvey’s campsite. You’re allowed to scan one Amiibo a day.


    • Special crossover villagers: Certain non-Animal Crossing Amiibo are usable in game. The Splatoon and Legend of Zelda Amiibo functionality were both confirmed in the trailer. Scanning the Amiibo will let you meet villagers inspired by those series, and also find special crossover furniture. Legend of Zelda Amiibo bring you villagers like Epona, Ganon, Medli, and Wolf Link. Splatoon Amiibo introduce Callie, Marie, and Inkling-inspired villagers.


    • MEOW Coupons and Initiatives: At the campground, you can purchase furniture from Harvey and any of the villagers you invite over. However, you’ll be paying with a brand new currency called “MEOW Coupons.” Earn these by doing daily and weekly initiatives, that include simple tasks like selling five fruit or catching a certain number of salmon. You also earn them from fulfilling requests.


    • Desert Island Escape and Puzzle League: Remember how you could play NES games with the NES furniture in Animal Crossing for Gamecube? The update introduces the Wii U, New 3DS, and New 3DS XL as furniture you can buy from the campground. With them, you can play two huge new mini-games: Desert Island Escape and Puzzle League. Desert Island Escape, which you can play with the Wii U furniture, is a group survival game from Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. Puzzle League, which you can play on either the New 3DS or New 3DS XL furniture, will be familiar to anyone who’s ever played Pokémon: Puzzle League or Panel de Pon.
    • New features at Nook’s Homes: You can now build an “invisible store room”, which allows you to access a storage from any area in the house. This is separate from your locker and closet storage. Once you have this, you can also gain the ability to use the touch screen to re-arrange furniture layouts as you can in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Lottie, who is now in New Leaf, will give you an interior design test; and once you pass, this new option is yours.


  • Amiibo Camera: You can now use the 3DS’s camera to take pictures with AR Animal Crossing characters. Use your town’s villagers and Amiibo characters to take photos.
  • Re-start your village: If you’re looking to start again when you return to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there’s a brand new option that’ll allow you to sell your village and all of the assets in it. Play with a new village and villagers, and start with bells gained from your last playthrough.
  • Linking Your Copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: You can link a physical or digital copy of the game to your copy of New Leaf. This allows you to buy brand new furniture included in Happy Home Designer, including the large size ones.

Unfortunately, if you were expecting news about a new Animal Crossing title for home console, you’ll have to keep waiting. On the other hand, the 3DS update is such a huge overhaul that’ll keep you busy and playing New Leaf again for some time.

The update has already gone live this morning. For many players, this will be a chance to once again experience life in the world of Animal Crossing. For more images, check out Nintendo’s official page.