Niantic has announced that Pokémon Go is getting it’s first ever in-game event for Halloween. During the event, some of the more spooky Pokémon will be much easier to catch. According to the trailer, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat, Drowzee, and Hypno will appear more often for the duration of the event, which will be from October 26th to November 1st 2016. Check out the new announcement trailer below.

In addition to these Pokémon making more frequent appearances, trainers will be able to earn 2x more candy than normally. With each caught Pokemon, you’ll earn 6 candies, as well as earning two candies from the professor for transferring Pokemon.

Niantic senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura weighed in on his enjoyment over the new event. “We would like to trick-or-treat in our own special way by giving trainers the chance to catch more Pokemon and earn extra candy this Halloween.”


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