Titanfall 2 launches on Friday for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows 10. But before then, you simply need to catch this incredible launch trailer.

The trailer, titled “Become One,” follows protagonist Jack Cooper traveling and fighting side-by-side with his partner, the Titan BT-7274. The visuals and audio, though, just ooze with a somber mood.

As soon as the trailer starts, you’ll notice the haunting score, a cover of Cher’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).” Fans of the Kill Bill movies might recognize this piece, but here, “Bang Bang” sounds so dramatic and epic in scale. Watching the two strategically tag-team against mercenaries and Titans has a lot more dramatic weight with this song.

The visuals also have this kind of dramatic weight. Jack and BT walk side-by-side across an empty desert, and later, an ash-covered dead forest. The two sit by a dark campfire site, where Jack is huddling by the fire. This and the action visuals emphasize the main motif of this Titanfall 2 trailer: “Pilot and Titan must Become One.”

Titanfall 2‘s single-player campaign focuses on Jack and BT as they survive on the Frontier and fight against aliens and humans sent from the Interstellar Manufacturing Company. You’ll get to experience the trailer’s motif as you interact and bond with BT in the campaign, which you’ll be able to play when the game comes out Friday.


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