The release of No More Heroes 3 is still far in the future. Last year, Suda 51 stated that he “definitely wants to make it [No More Heroes 3] possible,” but also “wants to create something new, so maybe within 15 to 25 years.” In Suda51’s most recent statement, his estimate looks a lot better; though it’s still not very concrete.

Suda51 recently stated, “It’s not going to be 20 years, I’m hoping it’ll be 10 years or maybe earlier than that.” This news comes from a recently published Destructoid interview fresh from this past Tokyo Game Show. Suda51’s estimate of “10 years or maybe earlier” sounds a lot better than “15 to 25 years.”

Additionally, Destructoid’s interview notes, “2018 will be the 20th anniversary of Grasshopper, so Mr. Suda wants to make some news related to No More Heroes Suda51 noted that he wasn’t sure that he’d be able to make an announcement happen, though.


The Suda51 interview also gives a vague hint of what fans can expect. If it were to go into production, he admit that No More Heroes 3 “might be like an indie game.” What he means is unclear. Perhaps, this sequel will be lower-budget or a smaller-scale production.

His reasoning was that he wants No More Heroes 3 to be accessible to a younger generation of players who have never played or heard of No More Heroes. Suda51 stated, “No More Heroes fans’ voices are still strong, but young gamers have never heard of it, so I want to create something for them as well.”

Overall, the situation of No More Heroes 3 is still uncertain. Keep in mind: Suda51 hasn’t yet guaranteed that No More Heroes 3 will go into production. Therefore, he greatly emphasized in the interview that he’s uncertain about many things.

Even so, Suda51 seems open to bringing No More Heroes 3 sooner than later. He can’t guarantee when it’ll come, but he promises that he wants it to be a new experience. Hopefully, we’ll hear more in Grasshopper Manufacture’s future, especially towards their 20th anniversary.


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