At Steam Dev Days conference, Valve announced a brand new partnership with Samsung. The partnership will deliver new models of Samsung TVs that integrate Steam Link.

If you haven’t heard of it, it is a $50 device that allows you to stream games from a PC to any TV plugged into one of these devices. Generally, reviews have been favorably positive. Valve has this neat trailer to explain what Steam Link is.

The new TVs eliminate the need to buy the device separately. Naturally, you won’t need to have it take up one of your HDMI ports, either. You will also still need to supply your own controller.

The device itself doesn’t cost much standalone, but think of it like a neat perk when you’re looking into new TVs. It also may bring third-party streaming to more people who hadn’t previously considered Valve’s Steam Link.

Currently, Valve and Samsung have yet to announce a date for when we’ll see new models with Steam Link.


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