Bandai Namco recently unveiled Scizor as the newest character in Pokkén Tournament’s arcade roster. Watch his speedy movements and attacks in the brand new trailer.

Scizor uses a variety of Bug and Steel-type moves. Fans might recognize a few moves from the Pokémon games. Swords Dance powers up his moves, while some of his offensive attacks include flashy moves like X-Scissor, Iron Claw, and Bullet Punch.

His Synergy Burst transforms him into Mega Scizor, and makes him especially stronger. The cinematic for his Burst Attack looks like an cool way to take down your opponents with speed and power.

Unfortunately, Bandai Namco has yet to comment on if Scizor will join the Wii U Pokkén Tournament roster. Both Scizor and Darkrai, the other most recent arcade character, have not been confirmed as future DLC for Wii U.

Bandai Namco and Nintendo may announce updates for Wii U at a later date. Fans also speculate that the missing characters also might show up in a “+” edition for Wii U or NX.

Arcade players will be able to play as Scizor, starting October 20. In the mean time, check out videos from the live stream, courtesy of Nintendo Everything.


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