Pokémon Go has a helpful new update in the works, with Niantic Labs announcing that trainers will soon be able to bring a full party of six Pokémon to train at a friendly gym (owned by the same team).

Players are able to train their Pokémon by bringing them to a gym of the same team (which is obviously Instinct unless you accidentally chose the wrong team). Previously, you could only train one at a time, which made levelling your Pokémon a bit of a chore, especially for rarer Pokémon that weren’t as easy to catch doubles of. Ninatic has had mercy on our poor souls and is releasing a new update which allows trainers to bring along six Pokémon to train at once. Even more incentive than ever to get out there and crush those dirty Valor and Mystic gyms.


That’s not all that’s being added, however. When training your Pokémon, the gym you’re training with will have its CP lowered to a level similar to yours. How similar is yet to be seen, but we have been told that the CP will “generally match the battle capabilities” of your team. There is no date yet set for this update.

This is the second yet-to-be-released update for Pokémon Go announced by Niantic, last week announcing that you can increase the chances of catching rare Pokémon with a new capture bonus.


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