All Hallows Eve, a time for Trick or Treating and slinky costumes that probably shouldn’t be worn by most of the people who buy them. While a lot people spend Halloween out with the general population, I prefer to be inside playing horror games and eating a ton of candy. Here are some horror games I recommend if you want to shut out the general populace this Halloween.

The Park (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

The Park by Funcom is set in an eerily abandoned theme park with an even more odd past. An old worker there went crazy one summer and cut up a bunch of teenagers who were making fun of his chipmunk costume. Now his ghost as well as the boogey man that shows shades of the Babadook,  even pushing the main character to kill her own child, that the player spends the entirety of the game looking for all over the theme park. The Park gets incredibly sinister towards the end when players enter the fun house. In a PT style twist the player walks through the main character’s apartment over and over again as it decays and it becomes more and more apparent how truly depressed and messed up in the head the main character was. The game will only run you about thirteen bucks and I recommend grabbing it for an easy 1000 gamer score.


Gone Home (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

This game isn’t pure horror like Outlast is, it’s a lot more subtle and lies in the “what didn’t happen” area as opposed to the what did happen. The whole time the player is wandering around the house alone the ambiance to the abandoned house is almost unbearable, in a good way. Thunder roars in the background, and there is always the sense of being watch or followed from just around the next corner. As you are walking around the house you find notes and mementos that sort of fill in the gap as to where your sister is, Even after you have found all the secret openings, the hidden cabinets and the satanic alter with the key to the creepily lit attic the questions still remains: Where are mom and dad? The whole game they are referenced and alluded to but it is never discussed as to what happened to them or where they are now. The game is twenty dollars right now and I recommend grabbing it. It’s kind of like if there were an “intro to horror” game, it isn’t too challenging but it does get you in the mood to play a more frightening game on Halloween night instead of handing out candy. Keep the candy for you, do the kids really need it?


Resident Evil HD(PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

While the original game came back when I was just a little two year old, better late than never with this classic. The game is currently free for PlayStation Plus users and will only run you about twenty bucks otherwise. This game follows the events that took place in the mansion before the outbreak in Raccoon City. Playing as either Barry or Jill players have to locate missing teammates Chris Redfield and notorious series baddie Albert Wesker while surviving zombies and hellish looking infected dogs. The game also supports a new control scheme, and screen format for newer players like myself or for hardened veterans of the game the original controls and widescreen format. Regardless of how you choose to play the game is still almost unrelenting with difficulty forcing players to keep track of ammo and be increasingly sparing with bullets and herbs to heal.


Alan Wake (Xbox One Compatible, PC, Xbox 360)

The original release of Alan Wake was a fun take on horror. Following horror writer Alan Wake on his quest to defeat the darkness unleashed by his own writing, he is also looking for his wife Alice whom was kidnapped towards the beginning of the game. The clever use of overwhelming numbers of attackers coupled with having to shine the beams of light from Wake’s flashlight before he can even do damage to his attackers makes for a challenging and enjoyable take on the horror genre.


If I stand still maybe it won’t see me

I am currently playing through the DLC and it is almost as satisfying as the full game is. In fact I would wager the only downside to it is live action television sequences that play periodically. What is meant to seem like Wake’s insanity seeping through as he loses his grip on reality, actually feels incredibly forced and like the actor was trying too hard to seem crazy when he could have gone morbidly over the top. The full game is only about fifteen bucks at local Game Stops and each of the DLCs will cost you about ten bucks on the Xbox Store.

Pick of The Month: Overwatch ( PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

While this isn’t a horror game by any stretch of the imagination. The game did, however, just get a Halloween update not to long ago that brings a bunch of new content to the table. New Halloween themed costumes (thank you Blizzard for Mercy’s sassy witch costume and not resorting to a sexy nurse outfit), voice line and sprays are a pretty decent sized chunk of the update. The new added game mode though is where this update shines. Forcing players to defend the door of Eichenwald from Junkenstien and his horrid creations. The aptly named Junkenstein’s Revenge pits a team of four playing Soldier 76, Ana, Hanzo, and McCree taking on wave after wave of robots trying to breach the door. Junkenstein has a few trick up his sleeve as well, sending out rip tires and even getting help from his monster Road Hog, Reaper, and even the sweet and innocent Mercy show up to stop our heroes. The update itself is free and the game itself will run you about fifty-two bucks since it is still a wildly popular game.


Tricks, treats, and now cheap games to help you spend Halloween like the socially awkward adult you are. It’s okay I am too, I’d rather be playing video games than have to interact with other humans. That is most of the reason why I keep my light off every year on Halloween, well that and I am really defensive of my candy. I hope you grab a few of these games and give them a shot. Especially Resident Evil HD, you can’t go wrong with a free game like that.

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