Rockstar has announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be getting special content for the Halloween event taking place this Friday.

As you can see, a version of the LCC Sanctus motorcycle is available with a red-eyed skull on the front. This new Halloween themed bike will be available this Friday, October 28th. Additionally, a new mode called Lost vs. Damned will be available to play, which pits teams of ‘devils’ and ‘angels’ against eachother. This mode has a day and night cycle that changes every 60 seconds and offers increased armor and health at night for devils and during the day for angels.

The Halloween themed vehicles and items from last year will also be coming back, as well as new elements to be announced by Rockstar on October 28th.

Although the Halloween event is a little ways away, Rockstar has begun an anniversary sale offering discounts on GTAV content from the first 3 years of the game’s release.

If all of this isn’t enough, everyone who logs into GTA Online on PS4, PC, and Xbox One will recieve $250,000 in GTA$ which will be transferred to your Maze bank account by November 4th.


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