In a continuation of the organization’s recent expansion, DreamHack has revealed plans for an event that will cater to players from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Dubbed the Nordic Championship, the event will launch at DreamHack Winter on November 24th and will showcase tournaments including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and StarCraft II. A prize pool of €20,000, approximately $22,100 USD, will be put forward for those who compete.

DreamHack hopes to find partners in the future to organize events in Norway and Denmark, but have already partnered with Peliliga and Assembly to bring the first Finnish eSports championship ESPORTSM at Assembly Summer 2016.

“We have ambitious plans for the Nordic Championship, as we have already decided to take the 2017 finals to another country than Sweden,” said DreamHack’s Head of esports, Christian Lord, “We are looking forward to share more information during the upcoming months.”

In September, DreamHack announced their expansion in the USA with the addition of two new locations. With plans to return to Austin, Texas, future locations were later revealed to be Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado. Today’s news means that DreamHack will make have expanded to ten countries outside of Sweden in total by 2017: France, Romania, Spain, England, Germany, Canada, United States, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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