As far as post apocalyptic games go, the point and click variety generally are not high up on my list of “what I like playing.” There are exceptions to every rule however and I am happy to say that Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is that exception. Among the rubble and incredibly bleak overtones  that were presented to me was a very pleasant game that was almost entirely enjoyable.


From the get go Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today forces players to start thinking outside the box to progress the game even the tiniest little bit forward. There were a few times I had to resort to a walk through just to figure out what I was doing wrong. More often than not I had the right train of thought going but was just a tad off course for solving the problem. Take for example the bar scene after the town gets locked down. I was tasked with getting the Hunter to come out of his bar in the refugee camp just so I could get back in and make a deal with him. I had a pair of bolt cutters and knew I needed to be on top of the oil barrel nearby but it still wasn’t working right. For all intensive purposes had Michael simply reached up I have no doubt that he wouldn’t have reached the wire. Instead I had to go across the camp to a tool box I hadn’t noticed before, steal a drill and empty an oil drum to stack on top of the original one in order to reach it.


Let’s take things back a bit and talk about the story. The player wakes up and of course the main character has no idea who he is, what’s going on, or why he was here (which plays in to events later). After a brief conversation the player is allowed to explore the little room he is in. Michael is tasked for at least part of the game with trying to find the rumored cure for the people who were kind enough to hide him while he was in a coma until he woke up at the beginning of the game. Their little boy is infected and they are desperate for help. So much so that the man says he can give Michael his old life back, because apparently the man “has  connections.” It sends Michael off on a huge set of “fetch me this and I’ll give you that” style quest that come standard or point and click games.

It is explained to the player that one day a giant explosion known as “The Great Wave” hit and everything was reduced to the rubble seen all over the game. Martial law soon went in to effect in the towns and refugee camps that were set up. Those who tried to rebel or resist were killed. Worse yet cases of a disease started turning up in horrifically high numbers. Those who had the disease were known as ‘the dissolved’ which is an apt name considering it literally causes them to dissolve in to a pool of filth and bile. What happens before their unavoidable death is why they are rounded up and either killed or taken to a “Medical Center”. Those infected start shouting out uncontrollably and sometimes enter a daze like state, where it is rumored they are told prophecies and the typical junk that comes with an end of the world sickness. The infection has gotten so out of hand that even those found to be harboring the infected are killed. Which is why for half the game Michael doesn’t tell most people why he is trying to break in to the medical facility to look for a cure, he doesn’t want to see the boy slaughtered.


Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is a delightfully dark game. At a glance, with its super simplistic art style and game play it doesn’t seem possible that the game could make any one feel uncomfortable.  That is not true in the slightest. From having to save boys from a firing squad, and it’s entirely your fault they are there in that situation to begin with. You save them by mutilating a priests corpse with acid and stabbing it in the face until it is unrecognizable so you can plant the weapon and say a believable story to save them. There is also a very dark cruel aspect of the world happening to an innocent woman. She is very clearly mentally challenged and some thuggish low lives are having people pay to rape her, in the simplest terms prostitution. And these worthless mother fuckers have convinced this poor woman that they are her new family in the apocalypse. I have never wanted to find a way to kill someone more in a video game. I’m in the twilight hours of the story now and I’m convinced the only reason there is a gun with two bullets in it is to find a way to get it from its hiding place and end these two wastes of space!

Changing topics before my rage gives me an ulcer, besides the dissolved there are a few other types of people of wandering the wasteland, Moles are government plants inside the refugee camps that feed intel to the guards and such. ‘Blank heads’ are like our main character Michael they remember absolutely nothing and some like Michael have horrendous flash backs and hear voices. Take for instance the events in the infamous “Suicide Park”, after the fall of the world some people couldn’t take it any more and in a biblical sense they kept congregating at the park and taking their lives. The death of choice was by hanging, leaving the bodies dangling like the most depressing Christmas ornaments ever. Poor Michael sees the deaths a few of the times he has to enter the park. The flash backs aren’t limited to this area and he experiences them completely at random. The oddity in that is for whatever reason they frequently happened the moment I signed in to the game to play. As soon as I booted it up and got in the game I frequently hear him utter things like Oh God not again before the screen went all wobbly.


In the end Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is a fantastically dark experience that I highly recommend picking up whether on Steam or PlayStation 4.  It is a truly well told story despite it’s tiny flaws in progression, and that’s a simple means of not always being crystal clear. That doesn’t really detract from the narrative at all it just means as a player you need to think a little outside of the box and very literal.  Be that as it may the game is very much enjoyable and if you love a dark narrative go grab it now for around twenty bucks.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today Review
  • Forces Players to Think Outside the box
  • Interesting Story That Never Stops Being Fun
  • Wonderfully Dark
  • Two Thugs Taking Advantage of a Poor Woman
  • Odd Dialogue Choices
  • Logic Didn't Always Add Up (Needing Rubber Gloves to Cut Electric Fencing, With Bolt Cutters That Already Have Rubber Handles)
9Overall Score
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