While Star Trek Online has been out for PC for sometime, it has only recently come out for console and so I boldly downloaded the game so that I could travel through deep space as hundreds of thousands did before me. After playing the MMORPG for a cumulative 40 hours in just a few days I can easily say that every single Star Trek fan needs to play this.

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

The Story of Star Trek Online takes place 39 years after The Next Generation Series (or 31 after Voyager) so many of the characters that you know and love show up. The Borg have shown their faces again. The Klingons and Federation are at odds and war has broken out, and the Romulans…well, the Romans are being shady–as usual.  Players can choose to play as part of the Federation, The Romulans, or the Klingon Empire and each has their own story line. There are main story lines for the three major choices, and of course secondary missions as all RPGs have. You play as your own Captain and you can explore the galaxy, visiting all 4 quadrants in the Star Trek Universe, including 100+ iconic Star Trek locations. 

All three stories are incredibly engrossing and make the player feel like they are just in an episode of the show. The writing is extremely well done I felt like I was a better captain than Scott Bakula, thats for damn sure. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios give consoles two expansions and 11 seasons worth of updates all for free and it has hours and hours of content. 



The problem with most MMORPGs is that there so much to do and see that players can feel overwhelmed at first and give up. STO is no different but I promise if you stick with it the stories drag you in and you HAVE to keep playing. After creating your character you quickly move up to captain your own ship, and by quickly I mean within the first 25 mins of gameplay.

Away Team

When the mission you are on calls for ground battle the controls and combat are smooth as butter. You and your crew face off with phasers (or other weapons) in hand and clean up the bad guys. You fulfill the mission and head back into space. Mission Accomplished. Although some missions are much harder than others so you better make sure your team has the proper equipment or they will die faster than an unnamed redshirt.

Space Exploration/Battles

Space, being the final frontier, is a little harder to navigate. Flying around is the easy part. However, in the heat of battle, controls can be confusing. It took me about 10 hours worth of gameplay to really feel confident in my ship and its battle skills. There are hundreds of upgrades and power combinations to make your ship (which you can name by the way) almost unstoppable. As hard as it was to figure out at first for me I had a blast flying around and exploring deep space. It felt very much like Legend of Zelda Windwaker in the ocean exploration, but in space and with less to do.


I’m a sucker for customization and while they didn’t have everything to feed my need, Star Trek Online did have a number of things I could customize. For my character I could choose between 32 races, each races had about 10/12 presets but then there was some neat ‘advanced’ customization I could play with. Your character wasn’t the only thing you could customize though. Your ship, from it’s interior to its hull paint, has many choices to choose from.



Star Trek Online is a wonderful experience and one I am willing to continue playing over and over. A great mix of ground and space battles combined with a wonderful written story and hours of extra content will keep fans coming back for more. I highly recommend that you start playing and I’ll see you in a few years. Hopefully by then we will have space travel and warp speed down and we will be the elite. The controls are pretty tight considering the move from PC’s mouse-and-keyboard to console controller.

Star Trek Online is free-to-play on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Although somethings require microtransactions it doesn’t make you feel like you are missing out on any of the action without buying. Although there are some really cool ships and characters you can buy if you are willing to shell out the galactic credits…I mean money.

Live Long and Prosper!

Star Trek Online Review
The Good
  • Ground Combat
  • Great Overall Stories
  • Seeing Worf again!
The Bad
  • Space Battle controls are tough at first
  • Can be glitchy
9Overall Score
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