Apple’s livestream event revealed that Pokémon Go will be heading from mobile devices to the Apple Watch. The announcement involved a stage demo detailing what the game will play like on the Apple Watch, and how it compares to the mobile version.

Pokémon Go can display information on the Apple Watch remotely, like how much XP is required to get to the next level or how much farther you need to walk to hatch your eggs. Additionally, you’ll be able to view any nearby Pokémon, but if you actually want to catch one of them you’ll need to take your mobile out.


There are some things you can do using the watch app directly, however. Collecting items from Pokéstops, watching your eggs hatch after you walk far enough and viewing all those hard earned medals will be doable directly in the Apple Watch. It also has some features that the regular mobile app does not as well, like tracking how far you’ve walked and displaying the calories burned by doing so, making it a more direct fitness app.

The Pokémon Go Apple Watch app is set to release before the end of the year.


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