You may feel the craze of Pokémon Go beginning to wane from the sensation it was over a month ago, and you may even have stopped playing it altogether. Despite this, and despite the average number of daily players dropping a substantial amount, the popular mobile app has still made a staggering amount of money. Analyst Outlet SensorTower reports that Pokémon Go has earned over $440 million in its short lifespan.

Launched on 6th July, SensorTower goes on to say that Pokémon Go has made developers Nintanic $308 million in revenue, which is $100 million more than the last earnings report on 5th August. This also means that Pokémon Go has actually out-earned Summer Blockbuster movies, like Warcraft or The Angry Birds Movie, as the graph from SensorTower depicts below. This is particularly significant data as the app accomplished this without any major advertising campaigns, meaning it largely made this money via word of mouth.


Pokémon Go continues to make $4 million in revenue every single day, despite no longer being the top grossing app in some countries. That figure has remained decently consistent for a number of weeks. It is also yet to release in a few major markets, like China or India, meaning revenue will certainly increase when it arrives in these places. Pokémon Go has nearly 200 million total downloads, with the actual number sitting above 180 million worldwide only in its first two months of release.

Putting that number into perspective, Pokémon Go has been installed on nearly %12 of all active US mobile phones at some stage. As well as this, as of 30th August, the average amount of time spent playing the app is 32 minutes, a statistic which has practically unchanged since its launch week.


Pokémon Go remains the highest grossing mobile game in the US, and remains a top five spot for mobile game downloads on the US App Store and Google Play. It has the most downloads during its first week than any app in history.

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