Are you sick of the usual MOBA grind? If so, Gigantic is the perfect game for you. With short matches and action packed game play, your mind is constantly racing and thinking of ways to play off of your teammates. Going through hour long matches just doesn’t fit into the schedule of some, and going through phases of a match can drag on and on. Very few people like playing a 45 minute match with a snowballing attack damage carry… Few things are more frustrating than playing a losing match for an hour. Developed by Motiga, Gigantic was described to us a fast paced and free-to-play “sorta MOBA/RTS/RPG” as described by their creative director, James Phinney.

Check out some game play here!

Gigantic pits two teams against each other, and each team consists of five heroes. You battle against each other using abilities, various spawnable creatures, and the team guardian. Your team guardian appears after a certain amount of damage is done to the enemy team and enemy creatures. The guardian then attacks your guardian and team, sending your allies into a flury of activity as they now have to fight both enemy players and Guardian alike. As you move forward with the game and your team attacks, you can cause the enemy guardian to become vulnerable for twenty seconds. Once this phase begins, attack with everything you’ve got.

Characters have a super strong ability that can be used on players, but if saved for the Guardian is super effective. Both team’s Guardians have three overall health points, and once those points are destroyed, you lose. Gigantic matches are crafted to lasts 15 to 20 minutes on average, however, the time spent is purely up to you and your strategy. Should you choose, your team can rush the other team, or take it slow.
Whether you win depends on three things: individual skill, team work, and strategy. Each hero you play has a set role to fill, and throughout the match you level up your abilities. Unlike traditional MOBAs you don’t have items to buy or a “build” to follow. Instead, your abilities are leveled up in a tree fashion. Each time you choose how you want your ability to progress. This is dependent on your role, how the other team is playing, what you think your team needs more of, etc.
Gigantic heavily relies on your ability to naturally fill a role. There is no “snowballing”. Sure, you have power jumps, but those power jumps aren’t enough to pivot a game on. Now if your team all jumps in power at the same time? Totally different story.
One of the great things about Gigantic is that the game can turn at any time. You can have the other team down to two health, and be doing insane amount of damage, but the other team could be storing their ultimate points and be planning a surprise attack. By paying close attention to the abilities that your opponents use, you can get a general idea of their strategy. Phinney put emphasis on making the game as balanced as possible. In most MOBAs you know who is the winner within the first 20 minutes, but that is not the case with Gigantic.

Currently, Gigantic is in closed beta, but is expected to open it’s beta within the near future. Motiga and their publisher Perfect World Entertainment were very enthusiastic about their game and provided a great booth experience. If you’re at PAX West, I definitely recommend checking their booth out! Play a match and let us know what you think.

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Lexie P.
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