More news for the Nintendo NX from a surprising source: the UK based supermarket Tesco’s online site. Tesco posted a listing for the yet to be revealed console on their website, along with a release date for 2016 and a price tag (that has since been removed).


The listing had the console titled as a “Nintendo NX Wii U”, which is a bit strange, but it’s likely much of what was listed is just placeholders. The release date puts the console on New Year’s Eve 2016, the 31st December. The price was listed at £349.99, which is the same price as the PS4 Pro in the UK. Both of these seem suspicious and are likely just placeholders until they get more information from Nintendo, but Nintendo earlier partnered with Tesco to send Wii owning households a pamphlet about the Wii U in an attempt to boost sales, so it is entirely feasible that the listings are correct due to their close relationship.

It’s also worth nothing that during the Wii U’s launch the standard edition of the console was £250, while the premium edition was £300. A £349.99 is a major step up, even if we aren’t sure if it’s a standard or special edition, or if the NX will even have those. It could imply more powerful hardware despite rumours of a handheld console if the price tag is correct. It is an odd price however, and an even stranger release date so soon to Christmas but missing it, so we can only speculate how true this leak is.


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