Last week, we had Sea of Thieves developers Rare discuss the work put into their gorgeous sea and water design, and now they have their head in the clouds for this week’s episode, showcasing their fluffy and sometimes ominously skull shaped clouds.

Valentine Kozin, principle technical artist at Rare discusses the difficulties with engineering clouds in video games, saying,

“We knew we wanted very fluffy, very painterly kinds of clouds in the world which, of course is quite a challenge because in 3D we’re very good at drawing polygons and we’re very good at drawing solid shapes but we’re less good at drawing fluffy things”.

Valentine goes on to talk about a particularly cool element of their cloud design being that the clouds are fully 3D and can be designed into shapes, listing a skull and a pirate ship as an example.


He says that Rare is doing what hasn’t been done before in regards to cloud design, saying that wherever you look from your ship you’ll see the “most beautiful, picturesque skies”. This episode is the latest in a series called “Tavern Talk” that Rare is running which provides insight into the development process of Sea of Thieves, focusing on a different element of design every week. You can find last week’s episode here.

Sea of Thieves is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so if you own it on one platform you own it on the other. The current release date for the game is 2017 and it will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10.


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