Yesterday we reported that developer Respawn would be introducing the remaining Titans for its upcoming sequel, Titanfall 2, in “the next several days,” which they teased with a new “Meet the Titans” trailer.

Today, Respawn lifted the flood gates and released two new trailers – in-depth looks at the minigun-toting Legion and the flying sniper Northstar  Titans – on the official Titanfall Twitter page.

Legion sports a mini-gun, dubbed the Predator Cannon, which has two modes: long-range and auto-lock. Long-range mode works like your typical free-aiming gun, allowing for more accurate fire. Auto-lock seems like a special ability that adds a homing component to your regular fire, which is great for hitting shifty targets, but at the cost of accuracy

Legion also has a Gun Shield which it can deploy while firing, though the shield seems to only protect its front.

What was most interesting about the Legion reveal, for me at least, was the ability to execute enemy Titans in much more unique ways this time around.

Legion can use the barrel of its cannon to lift up critically damaged enemy Titans into the air before unloading the Predator Cannon into its abdomen. It’s appropriately brutal and satisfying looking.

Northstar is, in Respawn’s own words, “a sniper that can fly, nuff said…” 

Northstar has a Plasma Railgun that looks to deal a lot of damage from a distance while also possessing an alternate, charged fire-mode that allows it to do greater damage the longer the charge is held. It also has a Cluster Rocket and a Hover utility mode that allows it to drift in the air for a short time.

Northstar also possesses a defensive Tether Trap which it can use to snare other Titans and hold them in place. The Tether Trap seems like the perfect setup move to be used in conjunction with his Core Ability, Flight Core. Flight Core sends Northstar into the air where he can hover and rain down a flurry of rockets onto his enemies. I was getting deep Pharah vibes from watching its kit in action, and I really can’t wait to take it out for a test drive.

Titanfall 2 releases October 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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