Developers of the Metro series have released a handful of images teasing their next title, which appears to be a sci-fi game.

As well as that handy tweet they’ve released a handful more images.

4A Games recently share a 360 image on their official Facebook page celebrating two years in Malta. Following this, fans began to speculate on what their next title would be, and they’ve responded to this speculation with the above series of teaser images.

The developers mentioned this project in a 2014 Russian interview, saying that this secret project is a “fantastic shooter about space with a very unusual design, structure and idea”. Vague, but gives enough hints that fans have been going over it and searching for any missed clues.

A Facebook user said,

“Looking at the most recent picture of the office they released…you can see multiple Oculos touch kits…There is also a counter in the corner of the room, counting down to the 7th of October, which happens to be Connect 3 (Oculus developer conference). It is very likely that they will officially announce their VR project, whatever it is (Most likely Sci-FI, but we shall see)”.

Another commented,

“I viewed the image close up. Theres a timer counting down from 33 days. Someone’s playing with an oculus on the screen, on that screen theres a rifles in someones hands. possibly a martini henry or a bolt action rifle. and on the whiteboard theres a spoiler alert blocking a part of text or map layout. and all the computer screens i can see have a more modern scifi style work bieng [sic] done. nothing like metro from the looks of it. possibly a scifi title with oculus exclusivity or support”.

All we can gather thus far about the game itself is the small teasers we’ve been given, with fans speculating that it will be a VR game, and devs stating that it’s a shooter set in space that has unusual concepts behind its design. All we can do is wait for 4A Games to release more news.


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