Kingdom Come, a Kickstarted RPG that prides itself on historical accuracy and realistic knightly combat (which actually involved grabbing your sword by the blade and swinging the pommel like a hammer), has signed a publishing agreement with Deep Silver, who have published games like Catherine, Metro Redux and Dead Island just today.

Warhorse Games CEO Martin Fryvaldsky commented that “Our best competence is to create an outstanding game. With Koch Media (owner of Deep Silver) as a strong partner we will now have the chance to reach an even wider audience”. Deep Silver will now be dealing with the vast majority of publishing, taking the digital and physical versions of the PS4 and Xbox One of the title, and the physical PC version. Developers Warhorse Games on the other hand, will just be publishing the digital PC version of the game. All these versions of the game will release simultaneously in 2017, but we don’t have a firmer release date than that as of yet.


Kingdom Come prioritises historically accurate combat and storytelling, being set in 1408 Bohemia. The E3 trailer for the game showcases the swordplay, displaying it true to how fighting with swords in plate mail actually functions (it’s very hard to cut through). It’s more a historical fiction than a fantasy, with no fantasy elements like magic, dragons or fantastical beasts appearing.

Warhorse Games is a relatively new studio, with a team of game industry veterans banding together to make something of a dream project. It was funded with $1.8 million USD following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The lead developer for Kingdom Come is Daniel Vavra, best known for co-creating the Mafia franchise of games.


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