For Honor’s closed alpha begins today, and those lucky enough to get an alpha key are already underway hacking at each-other to find the answer to the oldest question humanity has ever asked: who would win, knights, samurai or vikings?

The above video shows gameplay of For Honor’s 1v1 duel mode. The first match up is viking vs samurai, then knight vs knight, then samurai vs samurai. It’s a best out of five round format, with players needing to win three out of the five matches. The combat is relatively simple. Pick one of three directions and swing, a hit landing if your opponent is not also blocking in the same direction that you’re attacking. The direction seems to be pretty evident, however, and there are a couple of moves to break up the simple combat like guard breaking and dodge rolling. In 5v5 game-mode there are more special moves to unlock as the battle progresses, but this is not the case in 1v1 matches.

The combat is similar to a match of rock, paper scissors, and is largely based on how quickly you can react to your opponent switching the direction they’re attacking from. Situational awareness is also important, as we see in the second match when the blue knight tumbles off of the bridge to their demise.

The alpha will run from 15th of September until 18th of September, so keep an eye out for more gameplay videos popping up over that period. For Honor will be released 14th of February, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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