During a Steam Free Weekend promotion, Homefront: The Revolution will be available to play, as you may have gathered, for free on the weekend. During this period you will be able to play the game’s campaign as well as its co-operative Resistance mode. This will run from 10am PST on 8th of September until 1pm PST on 11th of September. The purpose of the free weekend is to showcase the latest performance patch, as during the game’s release it was panned for running poorly on systems.

Deep Silver, the game’s publisher, has said:

“The entire game will be unlocked and available to sample, including the vast 30-hour single player campaign and full access to Resistance Mode, Homefront’s online co-operative experience, together with the new Missions released since launch. The ‘Performance Patch’ launched earlier this month on console and PC, providing a significant boost to frame rates and overall performance thanks to a focus on GPU, lighting and particle optimisations, and checkpoint save and enemy spawning optimisations, and two new free Resistance Mode missions”.

The game will also be on sale during this weekend, with the price being 40% off.

It’s no secret that the game has had an extremely tough development cycle. Originally in production by publisher THQ, the publishing company collapsed and the IP was then sold to Crytek. Crytek then promptly did absolutely nothing with it, facing financial difficulties, and sold it to Deep Silver. Deep Silver was more prepared than the unfortunate IP’s previous owners and set up a new development studio for the game to be created called Dambuster. The studio went as far as to include a note at the end of the game pointing out the rough time they had, which you can read below.


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