Lee “Spirit” Da-yun, jungler for Fnatic, has taken his leave from the organization’s League of Legends team to pursue new opportunities that the scene has to offer, Fnatic announced Wednesday.

Spirit joined Fnatic alongside Noh “Gamsu” Young-jin and Lewis “Noxiak” Felix in December of 2015 after taking his leave from Team WE. While relatively successful in their endeavors, claiming second place at IEM Season X World Championship and third at the 2016 EU LCS Spring Playoffs, the team struggled to live up to the standards they were held to after the previous roster’s perfect 18:0 season in the 2015 EU summer split. With Nidalee and Olaf as his main picks, Spirit specifically walked away from the 2016 summer split with a KDA of 4.69 and GPM of 363, along with a 19.1 death share.

In the announcement, it was made clear that the split was one made on amicable terms.

“I am very happy that I worked with Fnatic,” said Spirit in his statement, “They really helped me improve myself as a player and as a person. I grew up a lot and I just want say thank you Fnatic. Also, Fnatic management is actually insane, I love them!”

Team manager Finlay “Quaye” Stewart expressed similar feelings towards the former jungler, describing their time together as an, “Absolute pleasure,” and claiming that he had never seen another player that was as dedicated to the team and League of Legends as Spirit is.

“Even after living in a foreign country surrounded by an unusual culture and losing his two closest friends on the team, Spirit gave it his all day in, day out,” Quaye said, “I have no doubt that he has a long future in the League of Legends scene. His jovial personality brings joy and happiness to all those around him, whilst his passion for the game has never dwindled. The Spirit story is far from over.”

Currently there is no word on who will be replacing Spirit on the Fnatic roster, or what team Spirit plans to sign to in the future.

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