DICE has revealed some new details on the Battlefield 1 map Giant’s Shadow, which is a free release available to all players starting in December.

According to the game’s official website, Giant’s Shadow takes place during the Battle of the Selle in autumn 1918.

“Here, the fighting moves out of the trenches and into open country where a massive crashed airship casts its shadow onto the battlefield. The British forces have broken through the Hindenburg line and are now in pursuit towards an important railway center. Fierce infantry and tank engagements ensue on the open ground and river banks alongside the Cateu-Wassigny railway where an armored train can still turn the tide.”

You can check out all of the Battlefield 1 maps that have been revealed so far in the list below.

  • The St. Quentin Scar
  • Sinai Desert
  • Amiens
  • Monte Grappa
  • Empire’s Edge
  • Giant’s Shadow (coming in December)

Besides the on-disc maps and the free Giant’s Shadow map, DICE will add more battlefields through various DLC packs (as they did with Battlefield 4). The first DLC pack, They Shall Not Pass, comes out in March 2017. DICE plans to release 4 expansion packs, which will add a total of 16 new multiplayer maps to the game post-release.

For those who wish to purchase all of these maps in one giant lump, they are all included as part of the $50 Battlefield 1 Premium Pass.

The Battlefield 1 open beta closed recently, but DICE and EA have made all of the DLC maps for the previous game, Battlefield 4, available for free for the next week for those interested in getting their Battlefield on before the next game launches.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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