It seems that the Team Acer legacy refuses to be put to an end, as the team has come back together for another round with the announcement of Team Expert.

After months of silence following their disbandment, the Team Acer Twitter account made its first post on August 9th with the promise that they would be back soon, but not as a part of Acer. The next couple of days leading up to Gamescom were spent teasing more details, including plans to have teams in multiple titles such as TrackMania and FIFA, as well as the acquisition of former StarCraft II star Aleksandr “Bly” Svusuyk.

With the hashtag #orangeisthenewgreen referencing their roots, it’s clear to fans that they should expect the Acer that they love and remember despite the total overhaul in branding. This can be seen from both the familiar faces of players that are making their return to the team, and in the staffing, as former Team Acer editor-in-chief Will Judd took to Twitter to confirm that Team Expert is primarily run by those who were involved with Acer, including himself and Team Acer’s former CEO.

However, with Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn being confirmed as a part of Expert’s StarCraft II lineup, fans wondered what happened with the contract she had with Dead Pixels, which she joined back in June, but neither organization nor Scarlett have commented on the matter. The same goes for just about everything else, so far, with no official statements having been released from any Team Expert member and the organization’s official website being more than a little empty. Like with Team Acer’s dissolution, there is a very disappointing amount of information being released by the organization. The most anyone has to go off of are vague teasers, such as an implication that Team Expert will have an all-female League of Legends lineup.

Hopefully fans will be graced with more information as Gamescom begins to draw to a close. Until then, welcome back, Team Acer!



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