Today is another big day for the Gears of War eSports community as Splyce has added a Gears of War team to their organization. They announced today via blog post that they’ve obtained the Latin American Gears of War team RNK.

For those of who that don’t know, Splyce is an eSports organization that was created in 2015. They now have teams in League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Super Smash Brothers. With the recent addition of their Gears of War team, it’s safe to say that are making their way into the eSports scene in a huge way!



The Splyce Gears of War team is made up of the following players:

Sahad “Involving” Jimenez: A hardened veteran to Gears of War eSports since Gears of War 2, Sahad has claimed victories in multiple events within his region. You can also find him featured in the Guinness World Record’s 2015 Gamer’s Edition for the highest score in Gears of War Judgement multiplayer.

José “Choche” Jácome: As team captain, José brings 8 LAN victories to the table. Safely said, he is one of the most successful Gears of War players in Mexico. Given that he’ll be the team’s shot caller, he will be relying heavily on game knowledge in order to lead Splyce to victory.

Daniel “Identivez” Santillana: Daniel actually was a Halo player for two years before he found competitive Gears of War. Bringing his five years of experience to the team, Daniel will certainly be applying pressure and putting in the hours to help Splyce take the victories throughout Gears of War 4.

Héctor “Dezonide” Becerra: As a long time fan of the Gears of War franchise, it wasn’t until Gears of War 3 that Héctor found his home in the competitive scene. Since finding this home in Gears of War, Héctor has won multiple LAN tournaments in Mexico. He has also shown his skill set in 2v2 match-ups with his partner José “Choche” Jácome.


The team’s captain, Choche, said the following in a statement that was included in the organization’s press release:

“We are very excited to join such a big organization like Splyce. We are the first Latin American team to sign with an eSports organization in the history of Gears of War! We will work hard every day to not only be the best in our region, but to be the best in the world.

“We want to thank all of our fans and supporters who have been here since day one and all the people that helped make our dreams true. It’s just the beginning. We want to make all the Splyce supporters and fans out there proud too!

“I have high expectations for my team and we will do our best to succeed and achieve good performances. Expect big things from us!”

The team is currently trying out different players to complete their lineup with a fifth player for 5v5s in the upcoming Gears of War 4 eSports mode, Escalation. With a $1,000,000 prize pool on the line, we can’t wait to see what Splyce can do! Welcome to Gears of War!

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