Atlas, the developers of the highly anticipated Persona 5, have finally graced us with a short gameplay teaser video to satisfy their hungry and vibrant fan base.  The 32 second video highlights the combat expected in the next installment of Persona and showcases the games unique art style and crazy anime style combat. What we see here is a glimpse of a battle in which players can combine attacks from all their team members in a coordinated group attack that deals massive damage to the enemy. This short clip also highlights the beautiful aesthetic Atlas has perfected in its Persona franchise along with its new and improved menu system.

At E3 it was revealed that in game quizzes would be implemented to test player’s knowledge so be prepared for some mind-boggling adventures. The expected Launch date for Persona 5 in Japan is in September. Sadly this game won’t appear in North America until mid-February of 2017. Atlas has not yet confirmed a release date for Europe but has collaborated with Deep Silver to eventually bring the title there so keep your fingers crossed.

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