President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime has said in an interview with Alist that the mistakes Nintendo had made with the launch of the WiiU will not be repeated with the NX.

He explained,

“Every time we launch a new platform, every time we launch a critical new game, we always learn. We always do our breakdown of what worked, what didn’t, and certainly we’ve done that with Wii U.”

One thing Fils-Aime tried to make clear was the understanding of what makes the NX unique.

“One of the things that we have to do better when we launch the NX–we have to do a better job communicating the positioning for the product. We have to do a better job helping people to understand its uniqueness and what that means for the game playing experience.”

He also spoke specifically about how games would be released for the system, as a large issue with the WiiU was the lack of new and noteworthy games being released regularly.

“We have to do a better job from a software planning standpoint to have that continuous beat of great new games that are motivating more and more people to pick up the hardware and more and more people to pick up the software.

“Those are the critical lessons. And as I verbalize them, they’re really traditional lessons within the industry. You have to make sure people understand the concept, you have to make sure you’ve got a great library of games, and when you do that, you tend to do well.”

Still no specific details have been given for the NX, only that it is set to release in 2017, and NX is only a codename.