Nintendo’s new console, code-named “NX”, has been shrouded in mystery since its initial reveal, leading to a lot of speculation about its design and what role it will play in the console market. Recently updated patents show detachable components to the controller, suggesting it can be rearranged for specific titles or to the player’s preference.

A specific figure displays the D-Pad being part of an easily replaced input. Nintendo itself has yet to comment on any rumours or speculation about the upcoming console, to be released March 2017. The patent was published in 2014, but was first filed in October 2013.


Other rumours circulating are that the NX will employ the use of cartridges, as opposed to more traditional optical discs in modern consoles. This would certainly have its advantages, like the speed of data read-time. There is also patents showing that the NX will actually be a handheld device, accompanied by a docking station and controllers that would attach to your entertainment centre. Still, patents do not necessarily mean that a concept is final, and are often filed as a sample, or simply to ensure ownership over the tecnhology. There has been buzz over patents in the past that has not come to fruition.

What we know is that Nintendo has claimed that the NX is “not a successor the the Wii U Nor the 3DS” and that it will be a “brand new concept. Find other new patent images below.





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