As per usual on Wednesday, ESL hosts a Scuf Gaming Cup that allows an unlimited amount of teams to partake in a single elimination tournament in the hunt for $100. While $100 may seem small, this prize is granted to the team the comes in first place each week. Imagine if your team could take every week throughout the month? Well this week we take a look at the team that will take home the $100 purse as they advance through the seven team bracket. While this week showed a lower number of teams than usual, there was one team that stood far above the rest.

Friends may be a team that nobody has heard of, but they’ve been dominating these weekly cups week after week. Yet again they showed up this week with full roster in hand to show everyone they are here to stay champions in the Scuf Gamin cups. Let’s take a look at who makes up this killer roster:

  • Kaotic (C)
  • Articc
  • its BotchyHawk
  • Mr Blakerz

Taking a look at the smaller bracket from this weeks cup, you can certainly see that while it was a small battle, Friends certainly earned their first place finish.


Congratulations to Friends on their third consecutive cup win! If you would like to join the bracket next week, head on over to Pay ESL Halo and sign up now!




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