The image above was tweeted by games journalist Aoife Wilson. At first glance, the large banner proudly displayed outside of Gamescom may revive hopes deep in your heart you had long thought gone. It displays the familiar orange background with Half Life 3 in bold letters. Could this finally be it? Years of waiting, over?


In short, no, not at all. The smaller text below the heart pounding title actually reads “editors who played it back then” (in German of course), and reading that should dash your hopes in quite a spectacular and painful fashion. Casting your eyes further downward you’ll see the logos for Spieletipps and GIGA Games, a pair of German gaming groups, suggesting that they paid for the banner and played us like a fiddle. They can probably fully expect an angry mob of Half Life fans wielding crowbars and pitchforks.

Fans have been jumping at the slightest hint for news of quite possibly the most anticipated video game in history for ten years, and this is merely the most recent in a series of wild goose chases. The other banners lining the exterior walls of Gamescom are however very real, and expect a lot of news coming throughout the event from 17th-21st of August.


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