With boardgames back on the rise in ‘nerd culture’ its no wonder that the video game versions are becoming big as well. Armello, is one such digital board game that has had a big announcement. The game is making its way to Xbox One and its first major DLC, Usurpers, has been announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can watch the trailer for it below.

ArmelloGame of Thrones meets George Orwell’s Animal Farm, is a game that “merges the deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top,” all combined with an upgradable role-playing system. Each player will take turns exploring a huge world, fighting other players for glory, and vanquishing evil, all with the goal of claiming the throne from the mad king of Armello.

The Usurpers Hero Pack will introduce fans to four new characters, one from each of the four animal clans (Wolf, Bear, Rabbit, and Rat), bringing the total number of heroes up to 12. Each character has their own unique stats and Hero Powers, further diversifying the playstyles and strategies of the core game.

According to the press release, the characters and their descriptions of The Usurpers Hero Pack include:

  • Magna, the Unbroken: A tank-like Wolf Clan member with the Hero Power, “Shield Maiden,” which allows her to reflect attacks. Magna’s high Body and Fight stats in combination with Shield Maiden is ideally suited for players who focus on combat.
  • Elyssia, Wardress of Warrens: A hero of the Rabbit Clan who can permanently fortify settlements with her “Architect” ability, granting Elyssia greater control of the daily gold reward for holding settlements. While not the strongest in straightforward fights, her high Wits stat and ability to monopolize Armello‘s economy make her very dangerous.
  • Ghor, The Wyldkin: A Bear Clan hero whose magic draws strength from forests. His Hero Power, “Conduit,” allows him to cast spells for one less magic per adjacent forest, and enables him to cast to any woodland tiles on the board. This powerful ability, is ideal for stealthy spell play.
  • Sargon, The Death Teller: The latest addition to the Rat Clan has evenly balanced stats, but his Hero Power, “Veil Gazer,” makes him a very appealing choice to cerebral players. Sargon has the ability to see cards before they’re drawn, giving him a strategic advantage over every other character.

Each of the four animal clans will also receive a new Clan Ring. This means that each new hero can equip the ring to provide multiple benefits and powerful boosts to the base stats of a hero.

Trent Kusters, co-founder and director of League of Geeks talks about what it is like to release the game and its DLC,

“Launching Armello last September was never the end goal, just a milestone. The Usurpers Hero Pack expands Armello‘s depth of strategy and diversified play styles. We have been overjoyed by the positive reception fans continue to show the game and are not only excited to expand the experience, but to also welcome Xbox players into our incredible community.”

Armello, the game brought to life by League of Geeks, will arrive on Xbox One August 30th and will cost players  $19.99. The first DLC, The Usurpers Hero Pack, will arrive the same day on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) for $9.99. Now everyone can join in the fun.


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