Fallout 4 is still lacking mod support on PlayStation 4 and there seems to be no clear window or solution to the issues Bethesda is facing, though the developer is still hard at work on resolving the problem and bringing mods to PS4.

Mods arrived for the Xbox One version of Fallout 4 in late May and were supposed to arrive for PlayStation 4 in June, but beta issues ranging from broken sound files, a 900mb limit on mod storage (as compared to 2gb on Xbox One), and other possible performance and memory issues, caused Bethesda to delay mods for PS4 indefinitely.

Who WOULDN’T want these mods?

A series of tweets over the past few months from Bethesda Marketing Director Pete Hines illustrate the frustrations the developer has been having in bringing mod support to PS4 and dealing with community questions regarding the matter.

From July 22nd.

From July 23rd.

And just yesterday.

One can almost feel the frustration in Hines’ tweets, which is understandable. Bethesda wants to bring mods to PS4 just as much as fans want it delivered to them. Whether that is sooner or later is still yet to be determined. When we know more we will certainly share an update but until then, PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait.

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