Capcom has announced Dead Rising 4 is coming our way with some details on what to expect upon release.

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First and foremost we have the returning protagonist of Frank West with all of his wonderful photography skills. There are new ways in which you can use your camera, one of which is the “stelfy” in which you sneak up behind a zombie, take a picture of it, and proceed to snap its neck. You can also use it for night vision so that you can see in the dark, but it leaves you vulnerable in a first person type mode.

They have also made sure to use less “street burgers” than previous Dead Rising titles. Now food, weapon, and armor locations all make sense and people can map out and think of where they need to go at a specific time. Capcom Vancouver studio head Joe Nickolls adds,

“We want people to start thinking about, ‘Okay, if I was in a zombie apocalypse and I needed to get some food, I should probably go to the grocery store.’ Or, ‘I need clothes, so I’m going to go to the laundromat.’ We tried to give it a bit more strategic stuff.”

There are new crazy weapons and an armor set that you are able to mod in game.

The biggest change they’re bringing to the game is that the campaign will not be feature a deadline in single player. However, online multiplayer will include a deadline if players do not want to experience the game without a deadline. Nickolls had objections, but over all he states,

“If we keep making the same Dead Rising over and over, the people that just want the very same thing are going to get what they want. But people want to see growth, they want to see us adapting as we go. You’re going to piss someone off no matter what you do, right?”

Dead Rising 4 is due to release this December. Be sure to stay here as more news comes.


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