Following their 7th-8th placement at the North American Fall Regional Championship, which concluded this last Sunday, Astral Authority has announced several major changes to both their Heroes of the Storm team and their coaching staff.

What is arguably the more notable change mentioned in the return of Jon “Equinox” Peterson, who announced his retirement from competitive Heroes early July after being benched in June. According to Astral Authority, during his time as an inactive part of the roster Equinox expressed an interest in coaching or fulfilling the role as analyst with the team. As Richard “Kladeous” Tran is released from his contract with Astral Authority, just a month after his acquisition, due to an inability to properly mesh with the rest of the team, Equinox is stepping up to the plate to fill the empty Flex position on the lineup.

Additionally, Astral Authority is seeing both team manager Mellina “Mel” Kong and coach Kristine “Vaalia” Hutter take their leave from the organization. While no specific reason was provided as to what led to their departures, Astral Authority COO John “Y2kbug978” Kelly said that they both wish to, “Continue their growth in the Heroes of the Storm scene.”

While the team continues their search for a coach that meets their expectations, Mel will be replaced as team manager by Taylor “Burt Macklin” Brust, who most recently managed Team Name Change and Peter Dinklage.


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