PC hardware manufacturer Alienware has partnered with Sydney, Australia based internet cafe City Hunter to host Alienware Live AU, a high-end PC gaming lounge with its own dedicated VR space.


The City Hunter internet cafe in Chatswood, Sydney Australia

The event will kick off on August 18 at City Hunter Chatswood and will feature 28 high-end PCs loaded with “the latest games.” 

The event will also serve as a showcase for the compaines wide range of high-end PC gaming products and systems, including their entire range of Area 51, Aurora, Alpha, and gaming laptop lines.

Alienware Live AU will feature two spaces for VR gaming as well, with one high-end machine hooked up to the Oculus Rift and another to the HTC Vive. Both will be accompanied by 43-inch monitors from Dell (who owns the Alienware brand).

Alienware Australia will be hosting a launch party on August 18. Fans can win tickets by entering a competition on Twitter using the #PushYourLimits hashtag–more details are available on their official Australia Twitter account.



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