Tempo Storm has announced their return to the competitive Heroes of the Storm scene by signing the Tempest lineup, the organization announced Wednesday afternoon.

The news comes just a month after the organization released their entire roster following a relatively positive start to 2016, placing in top four at most of the tournaments attended. While the organization never provided a reason as to what lead to the team’s disbandment, it’s clear that they have no intention to step away from the scene any time soon.

“We thrive to be the best global esports organization, and today, we have taken a step closer to our goal,” the organization said in their press release, “Tempo Storm has acquired South Korean team Tempest, reigning Heroes of the Storm World Champions.”

Tempest most recently played at DreamHack All-Stars – Summer 2016, where they took first place against MVP Black with a score of 3 – 2. They also took first place at Heroes of the Storm Super League 2016 Season 2, where their grand finals match against MVP Black went 4 – 0. The current starting lineup and team staff is as follows:

Adam Parkzer – Team Manager
Hyeong-uk “OPrime” Seo – Team Coach
Young-lee “RallyJaffa” Jeon – Communications Specialist
Dae-hyung “Hongcono” Lee – Team Captain, Warrior
Ju-dam “dami” Park – Flex
Kyung-deok “duckdeok” Kim – Flex
Geyong-hwan “Hide” Jin – Support
Jae-hun “Lockdown” Jin – Flex

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