If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go you are clearly living under a rock. The mobile app has become one of the most recognizable games for people of all ages and it is boasting the numbers to prove it.

Pokémon Go broke Apple app store records in it’s first week of launch, however, the exact download numbers were not revealed.

With the game now launched globally Sensor Tower, a mobile analytic group, has released the download figures for the game.


According to Sensor Tower the game has reached 50 million downloads globally, across iOS and Android devices. Sensor Tower’s Head of Mobile Insights stats that the game is “in a class by itself for first-month mobile game downloads.”

“To date, the game has been launched in just 32 of the more than 100 markets in which the App Store and Google Play operate, with more on the way. In all available App Store territories, the game is ranked No. 1 for downloads and revenue, including France and Hong Kong, its two most recently added regions.”

While this milestone is tremendous for the app, it is far from over. With more features coming to the game, and the game becoming more accessible we can only expect to see the download number increase over the coming months.

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