To many Pokémon Go fans dismay the new accessory that was set to sell this July, Pokémon Go Plus, will be shelved until September of this year.  Nintendo of America made the announcement on their Twitter this morning, but did not provide an exact date for the new release.

The Pokémon Go Plus is a watch that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone.  The accessory will then notify you through LED lights and notifications via vibrations that you are approaching a Pokéstop or Pokémon for capture.  It is also set to include a button that will allow players to throw a Pokéball as an alternative to the touch screen on their phones.

pokemon go plus shelf

The Pokémon Plus watches have been sold out after Nintendo sold them for $35, and are selling between $100-$300 on Ebay.  I think the old phrase better late then never will apply to many trainers as they wait “catch ’em all.”


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