In an interview conducted with Game Informer today, Niantic founder John Hanke was asked about Pokémon Go, their previous game Ingress, what the future holds for the game and what they’ve learned from the past week of playing. Niantic is one of the companies behind Pokémon Go and one of the chief developers behind the app.

He began by talking about Ingress and what they learned from that game and what it means for Pokémon Go:

“Ingress is also a game based around locations. Ingress is a sci-fi game, the locations are puzzles in Ingress, players can control portals to power them up, to link them together, to form fields, or two teams. These portals–when we started that project with Google–we seeded that database of global locations, with historical markers, and a database of public artwork, and statues. There were a few hundred thousand of them … And we established some guidelines: It should be safe and publicly accessible; it should be a work of art, important piece of architecture, or unique local business; and then we had a group of operations personnel that reviewed those submissions and approved the ones that seemed to meet our criteria. Whether or not we extend that within the Pokemon Go app or not, I don’t know at this point,” he said. “We’ve been working [on a] crowd-sourced, user-voting solution so that we can re-enable submissions and with the help of users [to] process new ones. But, no definitive timeline on that, it’s just something we are working on, though.”

Hanke continued by discussing updates and how new features will be rolled out over time:

“It is an MMO, so it is something we’re committed to regular updates and that. There will be new clients and server iterations pushed bi-weekly. You can add things like a lure to a PokéStop today that sort of modifies the PokéStop and causes it to attract more Pokémon it. There is some thinking about how to further modify and evolve PokéStops and gyms. Players will be able to shape them and add functionality to them by working collaboratively together, so that’s an area that we’ll be spending quite a bit of effort over the coming weeks and months on.”

Pokémon Go has reportedly made Nintendo upwards of $14 million dollars since its launch last week and is now more widely used that Tinder and close to surpassing Twitter in daily active users. They also stated that other countries would be getting the game within a few days.


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