City officials in Rocky Mount, North Carolina are stating concerns they have with the most recent trend in the app store, Pokémon Go. They don’t want citizens wandering into areas that they think are dangerous while playing.

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Some of the properties that are ending up as Pokestops and Gyms are being deemed unsafe for the public to be venturing near. Places such as electrical substations, fire stations, and waste water treatment plants to name a few. While they are stating that some of these places are not safe for the general public, there have not been any reported incidents in these areas due to the game.

“When the game was first released, there wasn’t any mechanism that would allow us to give any feedback to where the stops and gyms should or should not be located,” said Michael Baughn, a property and risk manager for the city.

“Many of the places the game sends players to are just not safe for the public or for our employees,”

Although yes, it is reasonable to request a removal from the game for places such as these. The thing is that the city officials have requested around 134 addresses be removed entirely from the game. Areas like all parks, the Rocky Mount Sports Complex, and the Imperial Center for Arts and Science. These kinds of removals make no sense as they are not of any danger to either adults or children, making their first concern completely obsolete.

Their official Baughn stated, “If we could assign where the stops are, I think it could be something the city could entertain. But without knowing where all the stops and gyms are, we cannot do our due diligence as required by law.

Although I agree some dangerous areas should maybe changed to different locations such as cafes and more local areas, they are wanting to completely remove these areas from the game entirely. It’s almost like they do not want their people to get outside and have some fun.


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