Wilton “zews” Prado has stepped out of his short retirement as a player by parting ways with SK Gaming to join the Immortals starting lineup.

The coach’s departure was first reported by in-game leader Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo, who appeared on Esporte Interativo for an interview on his career in professional gaming, and his experience with SK Gaming. His claims were confirmed to be true by Immortals shortly after, who posted a press release to their website announcing that they would be acquiring zews as a player.

In a statement, zews explained that he has always had the urge to return to the frontlines of competitive gaming as a player and, when Immortals contacted him about an opportunity to play for them, he couldn’t refuse.

“Immortals is the kind of organization that doesn’t make hasty decisions. Every detail is analyzed before something like this is decided and the fact that they believe in me to lead this team just makes me more confident in myself and what I can do. I feel Immortals has everything that a winning team needs. Their pure, raw talent and incomparable passion have already lead them to high moments in their careers. Still, they didn’t feel it was enough, and trusted me with helping them to take the next step. I will not let them down.”

He will be replacing Gustavo “SHOOWTiME” Gonçalves, who has had his contract bought by another unnamed organization after just a little less than two months of playing with Immortals.

On the side of SK Gaming, Fallen confirmed on Twitter that the team will not be on the lookout for someone to fulfill the now-empty coaching position. Instead, team manager Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia will be shouldering the responsibilities of coach, on top of his management duties.

The current Immortals Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup is as follows:

Henrique “Hen1” Teles
Lucas “Lucas1” Teles
Ricardo “Boltz” Prass
João “Felps” Vasconcellos
Wilton “Zews” Prado

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