In the finale of what has been a dramatic series of events for the Super Smash Bros. community, Cristian “Hyuga” Medina has announced his retirement after approximately a year of competitive Smash.

At the end of EVO 2016, popular streamer VikkiKitty posted a TwitLonger message claiming that the Smash 4 player repeatedly molested her in her hotel room where she was staying with others. While the post was said to have been only made to warn others about remaining mindful of those they surround themselves with, the community was sent into an uproar, with many pro players publicly denouncing Hyuga and speaking out against the sexual harassment that many female members of the FGC continue to receive.

In multiple instances Hyuga explained that he was so intoxicated that he was unable to recall the crime he was said to have committed, but it didn’t stop VGBootCamp from dropping the smasher from their team just a day later. Additionally, several tournament organizers blacklisted him from their events until 2017.

Despite still having support from some dedicated fans that defended his actions, Hyuga took to TwitLonger to say that he will no longer continue to be a part of the professional fighting game community.

“I do not ever want to come to USA to play, I do not care, nor do I want to play in Mexico, from my perspective, for me, is a very toxic environment and I RETIRE FROM COMPETITIVE SMASH, right now, I just want to concentrate on my life and in my career.”

Alongside his announcement is his entire retelling of the events, where he claims that he remembers the events leading up to the group drinking and playing video games together, as well as being kicked out of the hotel room by Justing “Nick Riddle” Lew, but is unable to recall what happened in between. Hyuga closed out his post by reiterating that he accepts the penalties, but not the facts that he has been presented with.

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