Square Enix and IO Interactive launched their “Choose Your Target” campaign a few weeks ago for the latest iteration of the Hitman franchise. The campaign allowed players to vote on a celebrity target that they would then get to hunt in-game as an exclusive Elusive Target.

The choices were either Gary Busey or Gary Cole, and Busey came out on top. Players will now have seven days to hunt Busey down (beginning July 21)


In order to access this new celebrity Elusive Target, players must own the Sapienza DLC for Hitman and access the contract from the Elusive Target tile in the game’s Featured Hub. He can be found in a mission called “The Wildcard”.

The seven day window is longer than those allowed for previous Elusive Targets and no specific reason was given for the extended hunting period. Busey must be killed within the seven day window, otherwise he vanishes forever.



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