This week Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen brought us a trailer for his new project which is just called Thingy for now.  While it is not part of Isaac nor is it a sequel to his earlier platformer Time Fcuk, it integrates elements of both games into this new project.

With this new game footage for Thingy, it has left many wondering what impact it will have on the development of earlier announced, The Legend of Bum-bo.  McMillen has told Eurogamer:

“Deving both at once not sure what one will be out first, but I’m quite happy with the pace of both currently they seem neck and neck but we will most likely push one back a month or two from the other when the time comes.”

Binding of Isaac fans will also be happy to know that new details have been released on Afterbirth+, the new DLC.  Two new items include Void, which destroys all of the items in a room, but acquires the power of said items.  It is also able to stack items as well, which makes it very powerful at the end of a run.

Apollyon  apollyon pixel







This item will be available as a perk for the new character, Apollyon. The second item is Smelter, which destroys all the trinkets you currently have and transfers the effects to your character for future runs.  This item will be found in the games store.



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