In wake of the tragic events that happened near Arizona and Texas, the following first hand account of experiences that those unfortunately trapped in the quarantined areas had to endured have been gathered here for public records. We warn you that some of the descriptions below are very graphic and may produce violent images in the mind when read. The journal entries below are that of a woman simply known as Grace.

Journal Entry: 6/28/16

What the hell happened? I woke up this morning in the middle of the road with just my underwear on and no living people in site. With confusion protruding into every fiber of my brain I slowly tried to get a feel for my surroundings. I notice a few abandoned cars and a small run down shack up the road, I decided it was in my best interest to scavenge what I could from the cars before I checked the house. There wasn’t much there just a spring i’m not sure what to do with and an empty jar. I’m going to go check the house.

My heart was pounding so loudly I thought at any moment it would erupt from my chest sending shrapnel of bone and blood every where. I  was completely terrified as to what could be on the other side of the worn out door that stood before me. I gathered my thoughts and threw the door open… nothingness. The inside of the house reflected the lonely and frightening world outside. I checked a few of the cabinets and found nothing of interest, there was a fire going so I decided I would make this my base of operations for the time being. The next thing on my to do list was to gather some supplies. I knew I could make some basic plant based clothing if I could find the right type of grass. I went back  outside and soon had myself a nice little pair of pants and a set of shoes and gloves. That’s when I first noticed them. It took me a moment to distinguish it from the back ground, the slow empty eyed husk of a former human shambling around the tree lines.


Journal Entry: 6/29/16

It’s night time now, I can hear them at least a dozen. Banging and scratching around the walls, their garbled screams getting louder and more intrusive as time goes on. The simple stone ax I made earlier doesn’t do much in the way of stopping them, it takes several hits to end just one of them. That was unfortunately discovered the hard way when one of them relentlessly kept coming after a blow to the head. I’ve been bitten. It has been several hours since I was and nothing has changed. Maybe I can make a basic antibiotic or find one to fight the infection. I’m hoping I have the opportunity to look for better weapons in the morning. For some odd reason these monstrosities seem stronger at night, faster ever. It’s as if the night time turns them in to apex predators. Every time I look outside more and more of them seem to be congregating here. Why? Can they smell me? Am I all that’s left?

They’ve broken down the door! I managed to get to the second floor and lock myself on the balcony.

Journal Entry:7/3/16

Well the good news is the animal population doesn’t seem to be affected by whatever has spread throughout humanity. That night on the balcony as the dead were pounding at the door trying to break through and snack on my fun bits I saw something I never thought I would be happy about. A gigantic seven foot tall grizzly bear crested the hill nearby and ignored the horde flooding in to my house entirely and just kept doing bear things. Sniffing the ground, looking for food; I have no recollection as to why but it gave me a deep sense of hope. Then it dawned on me that I had a choice, I could either crouch up here and wait to be devoured or I could jump down and try to make a run for it and just hope the bear doesn’t give chase. I chose the bear.


The landing was rough, but I filled my lungs with air and sprinted as fast as I could. I feel like I ran for hours but I know that couldn’t have happened. After a while I slowed and checked my surroundings, thankfully the bear hadn’t followed me and I couldn’t see any more of the walkers following me. I needed to find shelter for the remainder of the night.

Journal Entry:7/4/16 (I think)

Much of what happened over the past few hours (days?) is very foggy to me. I remember busting in to a house looking to gain shelter for the night and being greeted by a horde but after that, nothingness. The light blinded me as I got up off the street I had been lying in. I was on the verge of gratuitous nudity, my back pack with all of my weapons, medicines and resources were gone. I’m terrified that someone did this to me. Saw that I had been unconscious and stole everything. I mean who knows what else they did. Weirder still I am in no pain, I was surrounded by zombies and yet I feel nothing. It’s as if I fell asleep during the attack and woke up from a nice nap.

Journal Entry: 7/6/16?

I’m not alone! I found another person wandering around this horrendous waste of space. She’s talks a little too much and is a tad clumsy, but it’s just nice knowing someone else is out there. It’s kind of funny you never really realize how useless small talk us until it doesn’t fit a situation. Phrases like “What do you do for a living” or “What is your favorite movie” become absolutely meaningless. Instead we replace them with ” What did you do before the world turned to shit” and “Do you think I should trust the water that’s in the toilet”.

Journal Entry: 7/7/16 (At this point fuck it right?)

This morning I woke up to find Hailey gone. She must have gone off to get supplies. Well… either that or she decided she was better off on her own. I’m going to stick around for a bit and see if she comes back. I will start looking for her soon, going out at night is a bad idea. Hopefully she doesn’t come across those huge lumber jack looking zombies we saw up north yesterday. I cracked that son of a bitch over the head several times and he barely seemed to notice it. He just kept coming!

7 days to die

Hailey is fine. she got lost when she went out on a scavenging run. I noticed something peculiar on the way back. I saw the signs showing how far away we are from near by towns. It’s about a hundred and fifty miles to Phoenix, and a little over three hundred to San Antonio. That really doesn’t help me get my bearings, I could be in Flagstaff, could be closer to Nevada I have no idea.

Where ever we actually are I hear wolves howling. I should be thankful that we have only heard them and have still yet to see them. The only deadly creature we have come in contact other than the ravenous infected was another giant grizzly he swiped at us when we got to close but other than a few minor injuries and a sore throat from screaming as we ran away everyone seems to be okay.

Journal Entry: 7/9/16

Some sort of agency knows we are here! I thought I was going crazy when I saw the plane, but Hailey saw it too! It had to have seen us too because it dropped a load of supplies. There were a ton of medical supplies, better yet antibiotics to fight off the bite infections and pain killers! There weren’t any markings on anything it was like who ever helped us still wanted to claim deniability of ever being in the area.

We struck pay dirt while out scavenging earlier! After the drop we decided to look in some near by houses for supplies. I found two pistols and about a dozen rounds for each, and a turd. That’s mostly due to the fact that I saw all of this in a toilet bowl of an office. Why they chose to poop on a gun they hid in the toilet is beyond me but it was nothing a little dish soap couldn’t fix.


There was a new type of infected running around this area we found. The place looked like a damned bomb had gone off, ashes and embers every where. All the infected had smoke drifting off them and were covered in soot. Several of them chased us for some time, when we finally stopped we were out of he dystopian area and in the baren heat of the deserts. I can feel my temperature still rising from the heat even though we are taking shelter in a barn. The infected here seem more aggressive. There are at least ten surrounding the building and more are shambling towards us. God all I want is some water.


The journal ends here, and the current whereabouts of Grace or her mentioned companion Hailey are unknown at this time. The barn in question was located and several dozen infected were on the ground incapacitated, both inside and outside of the barn. The doors had been torn down off the hinges, our experts say that the combined weight of the dead broke the door over time. There were a large amount of 9MM casings on the ground but no where near enough to have dispatched all the infected that were on the ground.

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