Games created for promotional purposes are often terrible. However some times there are pure gold. Like the golden delicious taste of Chex cereal, a part of your balanced breakfast. In the far back year of 1996, an excellent promotional game, Chex Quest, was created for Chex cereal. Now, the game is getting an HD remake thanks to one of its original developers.


Chex Quest is a first-person shooter heavily based on the Doom engine. The game was included with boxes of Chex cereal (It came on a CD with 50 free hours of AOL, just so you understand the time of release). It plays just like Doom, only with a new set of levels, enemies, and weapons; such as a spinning spoon that replaces the chainsaw. It was actually a very enjoyable game, and many have fond memories of playing it.

The game turns 20 this year (feel old yet), so the website Zam spoke with its lead artist, Charles Jacobi, about its creation. This led to an explanation of how he got involved with working on Chex Quest 3 (yes, the game had two sequels) in the mid-2000s, which then prompted him to reveal what he’s working on now.

Unfortunately, He didn’t offer a timetable for when we might see this version of the game. To be honest it might take years for him to finish, this is just a hobby for him as he says.

“Just like Chex Quest 3 it’s really just a hobby thing that I do on the side. So, you know, progress is slow. I think I’ve got maybe half the monsters made, half the weapons made, and maybe two levels.”

If you’re a fan of the original game, the full interview is absolutely worth a read. Jacobi describes his inspiration for the main character and talks about the Chex people’s insistence on having the brand name everywhere. If Chex Quest remake actually hits the market soon Gamer Assault Weekly will be there, so stay tuned for more.


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