Earlier this week we reported on the next big update for Rainbow Six Seige, Operation Skull Rain, and discussed some big changes and additions such as a Tactical Realism custom game mode, the introduction of two new Operators, and a new map set in a Brazillian favela.

Today, Ubisoft has revealed that the map will be called Favela (very creative people over there at Ubisoft) and provided a fly-through video that gives a quick overview of what the map looks like.

Dubbed their “most destructible map yet” thanks to addition of what Ubisoft is calling “exterior shell destruction,” Favela’s “main buildings” will be destructible from the outside, which makes it more difficult to hide.

This will lead to more diverse tactics and increased angles from which teams can attack. The map will be shown off in greater detail later this week at the Xbox Pro League final.

Also announced today are some quality of life improvements for Rainbow Six Siege. These include the ability to decide who spawns with the bomb diffuser during TDM-Bomb matches in Ranked and Custom games. Players will also be able to navigate the menus more easily, including the ability to check what loadouts your team is using while picking your Operator.

Health and direction indicators will also be easier to read, as presentation director Toni Da Luz explained, “We removed the Operator speed level since it’s not a relevant dynamic information while in the heat of a match. This allowed us to feature your health and additional armor (e.g. Rook) much more efficiently than before.”

Additionally, Ubisoft will be rolling out an additional layer of anti-cheat protection on top of the FairFight system that is already in place.

Called the BattlEye system, this new layer of anti-cheat focuses on “prevention rather than behavior”. A beta for BattlEye will launch on PC over the course of “several weeks” with some “large scale” tests. During that time, BattlEye will not issue bans (though FairFight will continue to do so).

Operation Skull Rain launches on August 2.




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