After a short break from competitive Halo, and following the extremely public downfall of Renegades as an organization, Cloud9 has announced that they are stepping back into the scene with the acquisition of the former Renegades Halo lineup.

In a statement posted to the Cloud9 website, general manager Danan Flander says that the organization has always felt at home within the Halo community, and that picking up a new roster was a, “Comfortable decision for us to make.”

This is not the first time that several members of the roster have been a part of Cloud9’s Halo lineup. Both Cameron “VictoryX” Thorlakson and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins were a part of a previous generation of C9 Halo, having joined the organization in November of 2014. Ninja parted ways with the team in March of 2015 and, months later, the lineup disbanded entirely.

“It is a great pleasure and honor to be working with Jack and the rest of Cloud9 once again,” said returning team coach Kory “Symbolic” Arruda , “We were unable to achieve as much with them as we had wanted in the previous iteration of the Halo franchise, so this time around we look forward to contributing to the success of Cloud9 as an organization.”

The team will debut as Cloud9 at the Halo Championship Series Pro League North American Summer Season Finals, which will be held at KCON 2016 this weekend, which they qualified for in May by taking second place at the offline Summer Qualifier.


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