Team SoloMid has released their Call of Duty roster from their contracts, the North American organization announced via their website, citing the reason as the team’s inability to maintain top-tier performances at events.

“CoD was a venture that was exciting to us due to its position in eSports, and the team’s motivated players were enough to convince us to give it a shot … Unfortunately, they were unable to consistently maintain that level of play, and it is a great shame that the team finished near the bottom of the rankings in the World League Stage 2.”

Despite being an active organization since 2009, TSM only recently expanded into Call of Duty. In Feburary they signed on Rush eSports’ roster, which consisted of Jordan “ProoFy” Cannon, Cole “ColeChan” Chancey, Jonathan “Pacman” Tucker and Jamal “Whea7s” Lee. The team failed to meet fans’ expectations, however, as they repeatedly placed 9th-16th in events such as UMG South Carolina 2016 Champion Tournament and ESL CWL Challenge Division Tier 2. Even after experiencing roster changes, including moving Andrew “Ivy” Ivers to the starting lineup to replace ProoFy, Team SoloMid’s Call of Duty team simply couldn’t perform.

As a result, Team SoloMid has announced that they are removing themselves from the Call of Duty scene entirely for the time being. While gifting their purchased spot to its former team, Team SoloMid explains that they still have an interest in competitive Call of Duty and that this experience won’t deter them from fielding a new roster in the future.

“We have gained valuable knowledge from this experience and an even greater appreciation for the game. We are parting from our current team because of the impact of external conditions such as the contract limitations of potential talent. We will continue to closely monitor the scene, with a special eye on the upcoming CoD World Championship, to be ready when the right opportunity presents itself.”

It is currently unknown whether or not the former Team SoloMid lineup will continue to compete as a team who has been together since their time as Question Mark in December of 2015, with the exception of Ivy who joined the roster in March. Whea7s has already posted to Twitter that he is excited for the upcoming roster shuffle at the end of the Call of Duty World League 2016 season, so it’s possible that the team may have already decided to disband behind the scenes.

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